Tips for Maintaining your Exercise Schedule 

Being active provides long term benefits for your heart health and general health. It helps control your weight, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and improve your mental health, helping you to look and feel great.

Studies suggest that being physically active in middle age can increase your life expectancy by two years, the same benefit as giving up smoking. You can reap the benefits of being more active from all sorts of physical activity – any increase will be good for your health.

Here are some tips to help you stick with our exercise programme:

  • Try mixing and matching your activities: Following a varied routine will reduce boredom and will work your body in different ways. To develop all round fitness you need to do a variety of exercises that build your strength, flexibility and stamina.
  • Keep the time factor down: Research has shown that programmes that last more than 45 minutes are linked to high drop out rates.
  • Find an exercise partner: If your motivation to exercise is low, finding someone to exercise with can be a good boost.
  • Keep an exercise diary on show: Print off our weekly chart and keep a record of your total minutes of activity. Stick it on the fridge or cupboards in your kitchen or anywhere you will regularly see it.
  • If you stop exercising start again as soon as you can: There will come a time, in even the most motivated person’s exercise routine when he/she will miss sessions and cannot keep to the planned schedule. If this happens set your date for restarting your programme as soon as possible
  • Always be prepared: Spontaneous exercise may depend on having walking shoes or a change of clothes available. Have them at hand or in the back of the car so if you need to change your schedule you do not need to miss out on a session of exercise.
  • Use any spare time productively: A 15 minute brisk walk at lunchtime or leaving home 10 minutes earlier to walk to the next bus stop all count.
  • Create exercise: The possibilities for physical exercise are endless e.g.: gardening, household chores, decorating, walking, using the stairs instead of the lift.
  • Reward yourself: Every month that you manage to keep your sessions going, treat yourself to something you’ll enjoy. If you’ve worked hard be good to yourself.
  • Plan ahead: Make a list of the factors that could stop you exercising and plan how you will overcome them in advance. Winter weather, time restraints, injury, boredom etc. are common problems